How to Build a High Converting Landing Page

How to Build a High Converting Landing Page

How to Build a High Converting Landing Page

A landing page is a specific webpage that serves as the entry point for your website. Usually a landing page is linked from an offer or call to action you’ve put out there.

An effective landing page can help convert an unknown website visitor into a known lead within seconds. To get you started on turning visitors into leads, here are the 12 features of highly-successful landing pages.

1. One clear action

Asking prospects to take a single action is the best way to improve conversions. Your landing page should have a clear goal and only one primary purpose. How to Build a High Converting Landing Page, website design mackay

2. Compelling headline

Your main headline should tell your visitor what they are getting and why they should care. You should use actionable and value-driven words because your headline acts like the very initial pitch you present to your visitors. So, make it clear and grab their attention. A useful, free, tool to help you get the most out of your headline is CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

3. Expanding sub headline

This is the copy underneath the main headline, and it is used to further convince the visitor to take action. It should be descriptive, persuasive and action-oriented. It should also explain what you want the visitor to do next.

How to Build a High Converting Landing Page4. Attention-grabbing images

Your landing page should have relatable images that represent what you are offering and which compel your visitors to act. Try to use real-life images and not posed stock photos where possible. Videos can also play a convincing role, depending on what you are offering.

5. Powerful call to action

A call-to-action button and link is a critical element of a landing page and should be used on landing pages to prompt visitors to do something. The call to action could be a button with wording such as ‘Sign Up Now’, ‘Download Your Copy’ or ‘Call Now’. From a visual perspective, it’s important to use relevant and contrasting colours, so the buttons grab people’s attention. Reiterate your call to action throughout the page and make it easy to find – don’t force the user to scroll back to take action.

6. Talk about your visitors’ pain points

In one or two lines, talk about the problem your prospective customer is facing, and how you’re qualified to solve it.  Don’t overdo it – there’s no need for a hard sell here, just make it clear how you can help!

7. Offer value in return

After talking about the visitor’s pain point or problem, show them how you can provide a solution. Give examples of what you will fix and how you will do it. Try to always include a benefit with your product.

How to Build a High Converting Landing Page

8. Clear navigation

Avoid having excessive links that distract your visitors from what you want them to do which is hit the call to action button. Try to keep your navigation as clear and user-friendly as possible.

9. Trustworthy testimonials

A well-balanced page uses testimonials to build trust and help the user decide to take action. One or two testimonials from customers or influencers is a great way to make your product or offer more compelling.

10. Guarantees, privacy policies and security assurances

Ideally, offer visitors a guarantee that completely mitigates risk, e.g. if you are selling a product offer a return policy and display it on the landing page. Make sure to have a clear privacy policy, so your visitors know their information is safe and won’t be shared.

11. Prominent sign-up form

Your call to action and your sign-up form need to stand out and be in a prominent location on your landing page. Don’t just throw the form on the page, include a headline that tells the user what they are doing and/or signing up for. Make sure your form or form headline at least starts above the fold, so your user does not have to search for it, make the form as direct as possible and include the appropriate number of form fields. The more form fields on the page, the higher the perceived value, however too many fields and you’ll lose people.

12. Method of contact

Put a contact link somewhere your visitors can easily find – general convention is to put this in the footer. LiveChat is also another excellent contact point, as long as you have either 24/7 staff or a bot to respond immediately. 

So, if you’re having issues converting people from your landing page, start by changing up some of the items listed above. And share your results with us! Or, if you want some help, or more pointers on your landing page, give us call.