How to Get More Leads with Targeted Landing Pages

How to Get More Leads with Targeted Landing Pages

Landing pages are an easy, effective way to convert leads into customers and generate sales in one place. Constant Contact offer two different kinds of landing pages: Lead Generation and Shoppable. To determine which landing page is best for your specific goals, read about their unique benefits and features below.

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What is a Targeted Landing Page?

A targeted landing page is a single web page focused on lead generation. These landing pages are tailored towards one, specific audience and they often have a clear call-to-action (CTA). By using these pages, marketers can generate more leads than other, non-targeted pages because they appeal directly to their visitors’ needs. There are plenty of ways you can use them for your online shop or business.

What Should I Include on My TLP?

A successful landing page will be clear about your offer and speak directly to your audience. It should also include a form for collecting information, like an email address or phone number. There are lots of landing page templates online you can customize for your specific needs, but here are some elements that may be helpful.

Consider Building A Sales Funnel

In order to effectively turn website visitors into sales, many businesses utilize a sales funnel: a marketing process designed around pushing prospective customers through multiple steps towards a final sale. By building an online shop and integrating it with a targeted landing page, you can guide users through each step of your sales funnel. The better your funnel is set up and optimized for conversions, the more leads you’ll get from your site traffic.

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