How will a website benefit my business?

How will a website benefit my business?

How will a website benefit my business?

Since opening your business, you have probably heard several times that you need a website. It is sound advice because every business, at some point, will benefit from a website. But, if you are hesitant about taking the plunge to get your website online, maybe these perspectives will help convince you.  

Adds Credibility

Most businesses begin their advertising campaigns with social media. One way you can stand out from your competitors is by having a website AND social media. Without a website, potential customers may question your legitimacy. That is, they may think your business is a hobby businesses or side-hustle. That doesn’t mean your business lacks credibility, but it may cause them to want to invest in a ‘proven’ company.


Brand Awareness

Brand awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand. Recent statistics show that for a new customer to want to purchase with you, they need to interact with your ‘brand’ at least seven times. So, having several ‘touch points’ helps speed up that process by creating a wider net of brand awareness. 

Here is an example of how brand awareness and touch points work: A potential customer may see your business recommended in a Facebook group (1). So, they choose to visit your social media page (2) where they see your logo (3) and recognise your brand colours (4). But they want to know more so they do a Google search and see your website in the results (5). But first they choose to read your Google reviews (6) before clicking onto your website (7).

Without these additional options for brand awareness, your potential customer could stall at four or five touch points. Which mean delayed sales.


Increased visibility

Your website will act as an online brochure, displaying your products and services around the world, 24/7. Your website can also link to your social media channels, offering your customers a chance to learn even more to your business.

More customers

Even when you are not at work, your website is. This committee employee is open 24/7 advertising your products and services. And if you have an online store, your potential customers don’t even have to be in your region – they merely need an interest in your goods and services.

Improve customer relationships

Your website is the perfect platform for you to show your passion for your business. Regularly publishing a blog on your website can also the place to share insights, tips and prove your expertise. Blogs also allow you to engage with potential customers in a way that you cannot do with traditional advertising. All of this increases your chances of being found by a relevant audience.

More effective advertising

Your website is advertising your services 24/7, but you have to get the right people there to benefit! Suppose you’re struggling to reach the right potential clients in your area. In that case, you can post an ad with Google Adwords, which enables you to show your business to people when they are looking for your services and products.

Google Adwords has tailored packages depending on your advertising goal. They also offer two different payment options depending on clicks to your website or calls to your business. At Snippets Development, we can help you create the perfect Google Adwords campaign. Simply, contact us to get started.

Real-time feedback

By using Google Analytics, you can see what your potential and existing customers want, what pages they frequently visit and what content they respond to. This data then enables you to tailor your offers and website instantly.

Direct sales

E-commerce can dramatically reduce expensive overhead while delivering a 24/7 sales force. Even if you don’t sell your product online, your website gives you the opportunity to distinguish your company or organisation to your prospective client.

Your competitors

If you still aren’t convinced a website will benefit your business, believe that your competitors believe it! They probably already have a site, which means that when potential clients are looking for your services, they will find your competitors, not you. The sooner you gain a presence on the web, be it a simple brochure site or a complex e-commerce system, the better.

At Snippets Development, we pride ourselves on creating efficient, customisable eCommerce stores and websites. We offer packages for all size businesses, ensuring that whatever your business needs, we can make it a reality. Contact us today to get started.