The 7 Reasons Email Marketing is Important

The 7 Reasons Email Marketing is Important

The 7 Reasons Email Marketing is Important

You’d be forgiven for thinking that email marketing is a dead medium. But, we’re sorry to say, this thinking is wrong. Email marketing is, in fact, one of the most effective forms of connecting with your consumers. It allows businesses to forge long-lasting relationships with their existing customers, while also enabling them to reach out to potential customers, as well.

The latest figures, released in July 2020, show that email marketing has a 3,800% Return on Investment. That is HUGE! So, what is it about email marketing that makes it such an effective communicator?

1.    Everybody has an email account

One of the main reasons email marketing is so effective is because everybody with a computer, iPad or mobile phone has an email account. If you want to have any interaction with the digital world, either by joining social media or signing up for anything, you need a valid email address. Even though emails are no longer the primary form of communication, email is still something we deal with regularly. 

2.    It’s an excellent way to generate brand awareness

Signing up for email updates shows that your customers, or potential customers, want to know about product updates, upcoming sales or any other news you might share. This indicates significantly more interest than someone just “liking” your Facebook pages, or “following” you on Instagram.

Emails allow you to share the type of content that the customer may be looking for and will ultimately lead to conversions.

3.    It won’t break the bank

Emails are extremely affordable, and with some programs, the only cost is your time. Programs such as Mailchimp off you free email marketing campaigns. However, there can be limits on the number of emails you send each month. Mailchimp is perfect for beginners as it is a drag-and-drop style of program.

Other email marketing platforms, such as Emma, Active Campaign, Spark Post charge fees for their service. But, they do offer more flexibility and sometimes more sophisticated design templates. The prices can be anywhere from $9 to $89, for a starter package, per month.  

More research may be needed, but if you’re a small business on a budget, email marketing can still be a far better choice than traditional marketing channels such as radio or direct mail.

4.    It makes things personal

Email marketing is a lot more personal than other forms of digital marketing. It allows you to segment your audience into lists and send emails that genuinely resonate with and provide value to your reader – rather than addressing them as a whole on social media. You can also talk directly to your customer by name.

And remember, good email isn’t SPAM. Email campaigns which are built thoughtfully can generate loyalty and trust in your brand.

Email marketing’s core focus is building relationships with potential, current and past customers and allows you to speak to them directly at a time that is convenient to them. You get to be friendly and personable – that’s a big win for your brand.

5.    It’s results driven

Email is transactional by nature, and you can use this to direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales. As you develop your small business or startup marketing strategy as a whole, using email will allow you to see results straight away.

This means not just sending out newsletters, but also using email automation based on the triggers of your customers.

6.    It’s genuinely measurable marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest types of online marketing to measure in terms of performance and results. If you are an e-commerce operator, emails can add enormous value by obtaining near real-time data on conversion rates, click-through rates, subscribe and unsubscribe rates, just to name a few.

This means getting a better vision of what’s working well, what needs tweaking and where you should be focusing your marketing efforts to best leverage your campaigns.

7.    It offers real-time reach

Because mobile devices are so common, people are checking their emails all the time—in line at the coffee shop, during their daily commutes, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, at the supermarket … everywhere.

So, while social media marketing and promotions certainly have their place in the digital world, never underestimate the tremendous – and proven – power of email marketing to connect with your customers, in their time.

These are just some of the reasons you should be using email marketing for your business. If you want to know the rest, please get in touch. And, if your business doesn’t currently use email marketing, but you want to get started, we can help there as well but setting your business website or ecommerce store with email integration. To find out more, contact us today.