4 reasons why you should skip the DIY website builder

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4 reasons why you should skip the DIY website builder

We know that when a business is launched, money is tight. So, forking out for website to be built from scratch may seem like a waste of money, especially when there are numerous off-the-shelf solutions like of Weebly, Wix or Squarespace. These sites pride themselves on their drag-and-drop designs which anyone can use.


There is definitely a market for these platforms, and they can make sense for start-ups who want to get online quickly and cheaply. However, while a DIY builder can get your web presence established with minimal fuss, they can also cause significant issues down the track. Here are just some of the issues which may arise from these platforms:


1. Lost search engine rankings

When using DIY website builders, you can only access certain parts of the website and you cannot edit the core files because you do not own them. This means you cannot correctly optimise your site for search engines which means your website will be bumped down the list in the search rankings.  


A web developer or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert, knows how to manipulate the backend of your website so that you site can rank well in search engines. It may not seem like much, but when it comes to visibility, you will definitely want to top your competitors.


2. The hidden fees

Sites like Shopify and Squarespace charge transaction fees. While 2.49% – 3% transaction fees may not seem like much have you ever calculated how much this may be over a year? And, this is without the additional 0.5% – 2% gateway fees charged by some providers like Paypal or Stripe. You need to ask yourself, would you rather this money in your back-pocket or theirs?


A custom-built website, like the ones we produce at Snippets Development, can incorporate all the payment methods you desire while leaving you with those extra precious pennies.


3. Needing a whole new website when your business grows

As your company grows, your website will have to grow too. And, if you’ve used a DIY web builder to get your site up and running, chances are it won’t be able to scale with you. This means that the time you spent building the website will be wasted as you will most likely change to a new platform. By using a professional website designer, you can build a solution that’s relevant for your business needs today and which will be able to grow with your business.


4. User experience fail

A website must give users a certain experience and feeling that will turn them into a customer. By using a DIY website builder, your user experience will likely suffer. This is no fault of yours! It’s merely the restricted page access of the available templates you’re using.

User experience, when done correctly, focuses on providing your ideal audience with a website that is informative, fast, easy to use and enjoyable for them. An experienced website developer, like us at Snippets Development, knows how to create an effective user experience.  



Your website is going to be the most important marketing asset of your business. So, get it right the first time by Snippets Development.