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At Snippets Development, we know what it takes to build and run a great website.

A business is the hub of all of the information relating to your business. It is where clients will go to find out about you and your business. It is where they will go to buy from you. It is the most valuable tool in your digital arsenal. So, your website needs to be on pointe.

At Snippets Development, we understand a website’s value. This is why we work collaboratively with our clients. We ensure your website is not only functional but speaks to you and your ideal clientele. Throughout the design process, we will keep your brand at the forefront. This ensures a consistent online presence which shows professionalism and helps to turn visitors into clients.

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We know that mobile devices generate at least half of the world’s website traffic, so we guarantee that all our websites have a mobile first approach. We specialise in WordPress designs but can also build you a custom solution upon request.

At Snippets Development, we also offer companion services such as Social Media Marketing, Domain Registration and Hosting and SEO services. We also offer guidance and assistance with setting up your Google My Business Account. These extra provisions are designed to make your transition to digital marketing that much easier, so you can get back to what you do best!

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