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Many businesses take a few years to find their niche. You know, that nice and cosy zone where they can make a big impact and find their passion for what they do; their ‘why’. But that was not the case for me, Chantelle Needham, owner of Snippets Development. Right from the start, I knew that I wanted to help small business owners get a leg-up online.

As a small business owner myself, I know how hard it is to compete with big business, particularly in the digital landscape. So, I want to make it easier, and more affordable for those businesses starting out.

My choice to work with small businesses was deliberate. I love the excitement and passion that small business owners have. It is easier to work one-on-one with small business owners. And, by forming this collaborative sort of relationship with my clients, I find myself working harder to deliver a higher quality product for them. The energy my clients bring and their genuine appreciation for the help that I offer also makes my job so rewarding.

Before I hand over a project to a client, I ensure their website is fully SEO ready. Meaning, they can expect their website to rank well, right from the start. But, once launched, I don’t just send them off into the world like baby birds who have left the nest.

I realise that not all marketing solutions will work for every business. This is why I also offer, as companion services, tailored follow-up packages. These are made up of comprehensive check-ins, follow up SEO work and other potential marketing solutions which will help my clients in their unique industry.

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