How to Kickstart Your Small Business with the Best Website

How to Kickstart Your Small Business with the Best Website

How to Kickstart Your Small Business with the Best Website

2020 was a tumultuous year for small business owners. It taught us resilience and got us thinking outside the box for new ways to market our businesses. For some, it was a chance to re-evaluate our business’ direction and allowed us to ‘pivot’ into previously unexplored territory. And for others, 2020 was the launching pad for their small business.

At the start of the Australian COVID 19 lockdowns, the term ‘small business,’ was searched 93% more than similar search terms at the time. And, by the start of September, the search phrase ‘starting a new business’ reached its peak. It has maintained a steady stream of interest since, showing that small businesses are still popping up, despite the uncertain times.

If you were to search ‘starting a new business’, you would come across many sites advising you to do things like:

  • Check your preparedness, i.e. do customer and competitor research;
  • Write a business plan;
  • Register your business;
  • Sort out financials;
  • Organise any necessary licences and check local laws;
  • Write a marketing plan;
  • Organise insurance;
  • Set up operations. Etc. etc.

Most, if not all, of these steps, require some professional consultation. Yet, most start-ups think they will save money by handling their marketing – including website design – in-house. This doesn’t always work, as you may spend hours marketing to the wrong audience and get little to result for your invested time. However, here are a couple of ways to avoid this unnecessary headache:

1.  Research social media platforms

Not all customers are made equal. Nor are all social media platforms made equal. So, you will want to research which social media platform/s your target audience is using. have created this comprehensive list which you may find helpful in narrowing down the platform/s. 

2.  Get a professionally built website

The top way to get positive marketing results is with a thoughtfully designed, user-friendly website. In one of our November blogs, we explored why a business needs a website, so we won’t rehash those reasons. Assuming you have read it and are now convinced of a website’s necessity, let’s look at why you should hire a professional developer to create your site:

Hidden fees of DIY Websites

There are many DIY website options, but in our experience, these are only temporary solutions and provide few results for all of your effort. In some cases, they may even hurt your bottom line as some well-known DIY builders, pass on high fees to your customers at the checkout.

Honest Advice

A good web developer will not sell you something you don’t need. A DIY website builder may convince you to add extra plugins that aren’t necessary, slow your site or simply don’t work with your platform. Whereas a developer will discuss your business and offer advice and solutions which can help streamline your business. Often a developer can write some code to do the exact thing you want, and it will be a more elegant solution which won’t hurt your user experience.

A One-Stop-Shop

Most good developers offer hosting services and use reputable domain providers. You can lessen your start-up woes by employing a developer to handle every aspect of your website build, including hosting, domain purchasing and setting up your emails. And, if your site goes down for some reason, your developer will be the only person you need to call. No more, searching around for C-Panel login information, or hosting provider details.

Getting Ranked

Reaching the pinnacle of search engine results is the dream. Unless you are in a niche business in a remote geographical location, you will likely not reach that height on your own. But a good web developer knows how to manipulate search engines. They have spent months learning effective ways to get your brand ranked high on the first page.

These are just some of the ways a developer can kickstart your new business. So, unless you are familiar with website design, we recommend adding a website developer or marketing professional to your list of ‘must contact’ when thinking of your new business.  The benefits of hiring a professional to build your website far outweigh the cost. And, at Snippets Development, you will be pleasantly surprised with the price. Contact us today to get your dream website started.